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BGM has been at the forefront of Eurasian energy and natural resources investment for the past four years. Our unique, industrial-scale consultancy fulfills its role as middleman for lucrative investments within the interconnected fields of natural resources, energy, metals and minerals mining throughout the European and Asian continents. 


We offer regional advisory solutions for mining and minerals, oil and gas, infrastructure, industry and power sector clientele and remain committed to delivering expert advice and support on range of project-related issues. We are continuously expanding our client base which comprises both private businesses and governmental institutions engaging in the Eurasian natural resources and energy industries. 


We are seeking serious investors to partner with as we commence work on previously untapped resources that have been discovered and primed for extraction. 


Our team of 25 expert consultants have over 350 years of combined industry experience. We know how to capitalize on opportunities based of the most relevant and up-to-date geological and market-related analyses, and our flawless track record acts as an empirical testament to this claim. 


BGM prides itself on an ability to provide shrewd and accurate investment consultancy. Our ongoing commitment to acting in good faith, with integrity and transparency, has launched us to new heights as we continue to adopt new and cutting-edge projects in a variety of raw material sectors. We ensure that our clientele remain satisfied by treating them to the highest-quality service and working diligently to meet each one of their portfolio needs and requirements. 


Currently undergoing a wave of expansion, BGM is proud to unveil new projects that will mainly concentrate on the company’s eastward growth into Asia. We are in the process of finalizing new deals that will result in increasingly active roles such as mine design, strategic forecasting and direct, hands-on project management. With the markets of Russia and other major Asia nations expected to take off, BGM is poised to invest astutely and capitalize handsomely. 

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