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BGM supports commercial and governmental clientele by offering inventive solutions to complex issues, primarily in the fields of infrastructure, energy, and resource management. 

Recent political developments in the West have led to a renewed optimism concerning investment in the region, particularly in Russia and other large energy-producing and consuming nations.

Regional investors and producers have breathed a collective sigh of relief over Trump’s victory, foreseeing the rollback of economic sanctions and other poorly-thought-through policies inordinately executed by the Obama administration, not to mention relentless continuation should Clinton have succeeded in her bid for presidency. 


Oil and Gas 

BGM provides planning, permit, design, and construction services to the Eurasian oil and gas industry. We work closely with our clientele to implement money and time-saving engineering solutions which also remain environmentally conscious. 


BGM’s oil and gas focus is concentrated on downstream refining and petrochemical production. We provide our clientele a single partner that can oversee their project through all its critical phases. 


Our teams draft and implement blueprints that upgrade and revamp refineries and solve complex engineering issues that have prevented full optimization in the past. We offer partial or complete oversight and advisory services for all types of refinery projects. 

Precious Metals and Minerals Mining 

BGM specializes in the provision of engineering and consulting services to new and existing mines. 


We assist mining and mineral exploration companies throughout the project life cycle by offering geological, environmental, metallurgical, and cultural consulting and advisory services. 


We are capable of identifying and defining mining opportunities, securing permits, overseeing the construction and operation of the mine, and closing the mine once its project objectives have been achieved and superseded. 


Throughout our work, BGM remains committed to health and safety, corporate social responsibility, and environmental responsibility. 


Industrial Processes 

BGM aids its clientele in various industries with their modernization, expansion and operationalization efforts. 


We consider it important to develop deep relationships in order to offer our clientele reliable and effective project management that creates lasting wealth and value. 


BGM offers EPCM services in which we are responsible for administering construction contracts while remaining removed from the daily hassles of the physical construction process. Additionally, we offer project management and in-plant services which include engineering, automation, instrumentation and equipment commissioning. 

Industrial Processes
Oil and Gas
Precious Metals and Minerals Mining
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